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We're building an ecosystem of insurance partners that are united by the vision of making the home a safer and more secure place through the deployment of Home Telematics. By partnering with Roost, we also believe that along the way, you'll save money, increase customer engagement and drive new business. Peace of mind delivered from their Insurer is a powerful thing. Let's start with an introduction to the core product solutions that can enable the magic.

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Smart 9V BatterySimply upgrades

Retrofit existing smoke or carbon alarms with the affordable Roost Smart 9V Battery. Easy Wi-Fi setup. No expensive hubs to purchase or install. Lasts 5 years*. Get real-time smartphone notifications… and no more 3AM chirps!

garage door sensor

Smart SensorsIntelligent Garage

The Roost Smart Garage Door Sensor is a Wi-Fi connected device that sends a notification to your smartphone communicating the state of your garage door; open or closed.

home safety

Smart Water detectionUnique leak and freeze solution

The Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector is an affordable Wi-Fi connected, multifunctional sensor that enables early detection of home problems like water leaks, humidity and freezing pipes that can lead to major issues for all. Cool sleek design, simple to install and powered by replaceable AAA batteries.

home safety

Roost AppPeace of mind wherever you are

The Roost App is available free from Apple or Android stores allowing your customers to easily set up all their Roost smart devices. Roost smartphone notifications only let you know when there is a problem to deal with: kitchen smoke, electrical fire, refrigerator water leaks, freezing pipes or even humidity changes in your attic over time.

How It Works

Roost Smart devices
connect to the home Wi-Fi

Home Wi-Fi connects
to the Roost Cloud

Sensors trigger notifications to the smartphone - enables early action to mitigate the situation


Benefits of partnering with Roost

All of these benefits translate into lowering your costs, retaining more customers and increasing your business. What other affordable solution in the marketplace exists that can have that kind of impact on your homeowners book of business?

Mitigation of claims

  • 1 in 55 homes has a water/freeze claim per year
  • 1 in 265 home has a fire claim per year
  • Average water/freeze claims is $8000 per claim*
  • Average fire claims is $40,000 per claim*

The quicker a policyholder is aware of a fire or water leak, the lower the overall cost of a claim. Insurance companies that deploy Roost solutions can expect to cut their annual claims cost between 5%-15%. Between 2010-14, the average annual US claims for home fire and water exceeded $18 billion*. When installed, these very affordable Roost solutions can save insurance companies millions in claims every year.

* Weighted average claims 2010-2014 in the U.S. Source

Increase Customer Engagement & Retention

Insurance has historically been an intangible product. The Roost "Home Protection in a Box" kit makes your insurance product tangible to your policyholders. We'll custom design the right solution of Roost smart home devices and then deliver it right to your customer's door.

With the Roost solution, imagine being able to proactively contact the policyholder at the same time that an alert notification is sent. In this way, you can accelerate the response time and offer assistance without the policyholder having to call you. The net result is the ability to settle claims faster leading to lower claims costs, happier customers while also minimizing the potential of costly litigation.

drive new business growth

How much incremental business would you get if your agent could offer a potential new customer a "Home Protection in a Box" kit when they were deciding to choose you vs your competition?

What is the likelihood of your competitor offering potential policy holders the same value you can provide with the Roost Home kit?

Time to think about the powerful competitive advantage Roost can enable for your sales team?

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