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Roost Safety Stories

"This $50 device saved my $7,500 furnace"

I've had the Roost leak detector for about a year now didn't know how it was going to work and just the other night around 2:00 am my phone started going off I was like what the heck was that look at the phone it said Roost has detected a leak,we have been having a lot of rain went down stairs and my sump pump failed there was about a 1 1/2 inches of water covering the floor forgot to mention I just got a new furnace at a price of $7,500 anyway I was able to get my backup pump on and saved it thanks to the Roost leak detector.

"Saved our kitchen floor"

One of our Roost leak detectors spotted a drip from our dishwasher and we fixed the issue before our floor was damaged (and the basement below). The leak detector is a great product, easy to use, setup and monitor.

"Roost Alerted Me On my Drive Home!"

Last year I was driving home when I got an alert on my phone of a water leak. I went to the basement and did see some water under the detector. I then discovered the sump pump was no longer working and was able to replace it before any damage was done. Yesterday we had torrential downpours and got 8 inches of rain. I noticed water coming thru the wall on 1 side of the basement which I was focusing on when I heard an alert from the leak detector. I checked the other end of the basement and found that the sump pump wasn't keeping up with all the rainand that side of the basement was filling with water. We were able to set up a spare sump pump and avoided any serious damage.

"Dishwasher gone haywire!"

I purchased the Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector after seeing one that my friend got from his insurance company Desjardin. A couple of weeks after I got it installed in my sump pump room it sent an alarm to my cell phone in Florida. I called my wife in Montreal and told her to check the sump pump as the alarm went off. She was out so she had the neighbor check and she found the dishwasher had sprung a leak and water was running into the sump pump room. A couple of weeks after that the alarm went off again at 2 am but since my cell was off I did not see the alarm until the next morning. Called the neighbor again and she found the finished basement had about an inch of water on the floor. She reset the circuit breaker on the sump pump plug and there was little damage. If it wasn't for the water leak detector and my neighbor there may have been a lot more damage especially with the furnace being down there and it was winter in Montreal. A great product!

"This little device saved us a world of damage, money and headaches"

I installed three Roost water leak detection devices in my home to provide some peace of mind in loss prevention for a busy family always on the go. I didn't expect that one of the devices would come to the rescue so soon, but not more than two months after installation, I received a notification to my cell phone that the sensor in the basement detected water. Curiously I wandered down to the basement, not knowing what I would find and half expecting a false alarm, but what I found required immediate attention. One of our plumbing pipes had sprung a leak and water began overflowing any time water ran in the house. I immediately called the plumber to have it resolved and it was fixed that evening, in time for my toddler's bathtime. This little device saved us a world of damage, money, and headache. I couldn't be happier with the device, the customer service I receive from this company, and the solutions they provide.

"Roost Detecting Leaks in Canada "

Sunday at 2:30pm, my cellphone's alarm rang out loudly. Desjardins' Alert System let me know that there was a problem at my house in the upstairs bathroom: the humidity was at 75%. My building manager was alerted at the same time. Having experienced major water damage some years ago, I was worried. Water damage ends up costing dearly in money spent on repairs and in time lost. Was the alert a serious problem? I didn't know yet. But ten minutes later, another alert from my phone announced flooding. The alert turned out to be real; the warning caused by a small leak from the bathroom sink drainage system. It wasn't enough to damage the flooring below, but it was enough to make me worry. My building manager went and wiped up the water. If it had been a huge leak, the building manager would have had to cut the water to the building to limit the damage. The alert system works well -- even very well.

Note: The Desjardins Alert system is enabled by the Roost Smart Water Leak detector. Desjardins is a Roost Insurance partner in Canada.

"I was in the next room and Roost still saved our basement."

In the past we've had our hot water tank crack and drain into our basement, damaging the carpeted office and furnishings in the adjoining room. I recently placed a Roost Water Leak Detector near our hot water tank to help avoid any repeat occurrence. Well, our new front-load washing machine requires periodic cleaning, so the other day I cleaned the filter and replaced the cap, started the machine's self-cleaning cycle, and went to work in my office - the next room over. After about 15 minutes I received a notification on my phone from the Roost app of a water leak at the hot water tank. I rushed to the tank and found the Roost detector in a large puddle of water. I couldn't find any water leaking from the tank, so looking further, I discovered the water was coming from under the washing machine. I quickly checked the washer's door seal, stopped the cycle, and soon determined that I had not properly tightened the filter cap after cleaning it. I tighten the washer's cap, then all was well. Thanks to the Roost Water Leak Detector and app notification, I was able to prevent basement flooding and damage to electronic equipment in the next room. These devices work great and I highly recommend them!

"My carpet was saved!"

My Roost leak detector alerted me at 3:30am that my A/C unit had frozen up and the condensate line had plugged up and was discharging water onto the floor in our A/C closet in the hallway of our building. This saved having the water leak onto the carpeting in the common areas and allowed me to get a jump on calling for repairs a few hours later. Nice save!

"Roost Helped Save My Home"

A couple of months ago, we decided to invest in a Roost Smart Battery after my mother moved into the apartment above our garage. We wanted extra peace of mind that she was O.K. when we weren't at home since we live in a rural area.
A few days after installing the Roost battery, while my wife and I were away, I received a notification on my phone letting me know that an alarm was going off in the apartment. I immediately called our neighbor to check on my mom and the house. A malfunctioning bathroom fan in the apartment where my mother was staying had caught fire. She had tried to put the fire out herself but realized that the rafters above the fan were also on fire and it was now out of her control. After unsuccessfully trying to call 911, my mother got in a car to go find help.
Thankfully my neighbor met my mother half way up our driveway and called 911 for us. The fire department was able to save half of our home because the Roost battery let us know of the alarm. They told us that in another 15 to 30 minutes, our entire house would have been in flames. We are now telling everyone we know about Roost.

"Heavy rains flooded my crawlspace but Roost saved me from more trouble!"

My crawlspace flooded after we got 7" of rain. Thankfully, my Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector alerted me so that I could clean up the water and prevent damage to my home's foundation, accumulation of mold, or damage to my hot water heater. I've had three previous leaks in my crawlspace last year, so wanted to know when water was getting in so that I could start pumping it out. I already owned Roost Smart Alarms, so thought the Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector would be a great solution. I knew there was a big storm coming, and my Roost detector let me know when the groundwater started leaking from the stairs and surrounding ground into my crawlspace. I was able to be proactive about getting the water out of there.

"Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze detector saved my basement from flood damage."

My Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector alerted me to water in my basement due to a malfunction in my sump pump. If not for the Roost leak detector my entire basement would have flooded with several inches of water or more. I had previous problems with my sump pump and found out about Roost when searching on the internet for solutions. I found the Roost leak detector on a "Top 10" list. I liked that it was a battery powered unit at an affordable price, and that it would alert my smartphone if it detected a leak. I would happily recommend the Roost leak detector to my friends, particularly in locations where a slower leak is the concern. My home insurance is with Country Financial. I'm glad I didn't have damage and have to file an insurance claim!