Support for Roost Wi-Fi battery for smoke and CO alarms

Questions about Roost

Product FAQs

What smartphones work with Roost?
We offer apps for Apple iOS 7.0 and above or Android 4.2 and above.
Do I need to have Wi-Fi in my home to use Roost?
Yes. Roost connects to your home Wi-Fi for sending status and notifications to the Roost cloud. The Roost Smart Battery will connect to 802.11 b/g/n networks.
Does this battery work in all smoke and CO alarms?
The Roost Smart Battery will work in all alarms that presently use a common 9v battery. This includes both a “battery powered alarm” as well as an “AC-powered alarm with battery back-up”.
How long does it take to install?
The installation process only takes several minutes. You simply download the Roost app onto your smartphone and follow the installation instructions. You’ll be asked to create an account, activate your Roost Smart Battery, and then you’ll receive notification verifying setup is successful.
What are the distance & range of Roost Smart Batteries?
Roost batteries have the same approximate range as Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Therefore, the best approach in determining if your Roost batteries will be within wi-fi range at your smoke/CO alarm is to turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile phone & measure signal strength at the smoke/CO alarm that you plan to install Roost in.
Is the Roost Smart Battery rechargeable?
Roost Smart Battery is not rechargeable, but its 2 piece design includes a replaceable primary lithium battery that will last more than 5 years in an alarm. When the battery get's low you can simply replace the battery pack for an additional 5 years of life.
Is there a monthly fee for the service?
No. There is a one-time cost for the Roost Smart Battery and the Roost app is downloaded free to your smartphone.
Will the Roost Smart Battery be able to work with other IoT Smart/Connect Home platforms?
Yes, we plan that the Roost Cloud solution will be able to interface through an API with other ecosystems.
What can you tell me about the security & privacy of Roost?
At Roost, the integrity and security of data is one our highest priorities. As a result, Roost is using a secure SSL/TLS tunnel to protect all communication with 256bit encryption. This is the same standard used by the banking industry for encrypting communication during online banking. All communication between Roost’s App, Roost Batteries and Roost cloud platform is encrypted at this level to ensure your data is kept secure.

Shipping & Availability

When will my order ship?
We expect to ship all pre-orders in September 2015. If you ordered on our site, once the order ships you’ll receive email confirmation and a tracking number from Roost.
Can I get Roost if I live outside the US?
At the present time the Roost smart battery and mobile app are designed in English to US standards and certifications. Please see our store for extra shipping costs and specific countries that we will ship to.

Product Satisfaction

What is your refund policy?
Roost offers a 30 day money back guarantee. You have 30 (calendar) days from the date of shipment to request a full refund.
Can I return my product?
Roost offers a 30 money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with you product you can return it within 30 days of shipment to get a full refund. Send an email to with your order number in the subject line, explaining that you would like a refund. We will respond with a return RMA code for you to include on the shipping label. Once we receive your returned device and verify it has not been damaged, we will refund 100% or your original purchase, minus shipping.

This policy only applies to purchases made through our website. If you purchased from another retailer, you will need to inquire with them about their return policy.

Where can I learn more about Roost product warranties?
Roost offers a 1 year hardware guarantee from the date of purchase.