Roost Stories

Providing peace of mind to customers and home all over the world.

Roost Stories

Providing peace of mind to customers and home all over the world.

We would have had a flooded crawlspace if not for Roost!

We live in Chapel Hill, NC and were having torrential rains from Hurricane Florence as it was making its way north. I received a notification from my Roost water sensor in our crawlspace that we had a water leak. I checked and found the crawlspace drain starting to...

We would have lost everything.

At Roost, our primary focus is to increase the peace of mind of homeowners through simple-to-use and cost-effective smart home technology. We work hard every day to develop and improve our products. When a customer shares a story like this one, we feel that our har...

Roost Alerted Me On my Drive Home!

Last year I was driving home when I got an alert on my phone of a water leak. I went to the basement and did see some water under the detector. I then discovered the sump pump was no longer working and was able to replace it before any damage was done. Yesterday we...

Saved us a world of damage

I installed three Roost water leak detection devices in my home to provide some peace of mind in loss prevention for a busy family always on the go. I didn’t expect that one of the devices would come to the rescue so soon, but not more than two months after i...

This $50 device saved my $7,500 furnace

I’ve had the Roost leak detector for about a year now. The other night around 2:00 am, my phone started going off. I looked at my phone saw a notification that Roost had detected a leak. We have been having a lot of rain lately, so I went downstairs and saw t...

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